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The House of Knights

The Oathed One

The Oathed One

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Join the Four Kingdoms in the fist part of the duology!

Every blessing comes with a curse.

In a realm where loyalty is sealed in blood, Carmen stands bound to an oath to serve King Tilbert of the resplendent Kingdom of Diamond. Her life's purpose is protect the king's beloved daughter, Peridot, with unwavering devotion. But secrets weave a tangled web, as Princess Peridot is taken to the nest of Spade by the feared Princes of Spade. Desperate to save her, Carmen comes up with a lethal plan that would end up destroying the entire court of Spade. However, everything is not what it seems. Beneath the surface, love blossoms, making Carmen find herself at a crossroads of morality and loyalty. She faces a dire Stifle the echo of her coinscience, or betray the king she once vowed to protect, a betrayal that would lead to her own demise.

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